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Social Media Marketing

56% of buyers purchase products due to the business’s virtual presence on social media platforms. Different factors such as liking, following, and subscribing help engage the community and communicate directly about new arrivals and discounts. LetzMarket serves Canada’s best social media marketing services to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and build relationships with customers. Professional social media experts with quality thoughts, engaging posts, and experience in hunting and making reports about the progress of the business give successful results to any hiring company or hirer.

Social Media Marketing Toronto

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing is an integral way to promote products, services, and offers to a community that follows the specific brand on social media hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This marketing strategy boosts business and targets the majority of the audience. LetzMarket social media marketing agency deals with diverse factors to ensure the business’s profile.


Social media marketing mainly deals with optimization to optimize the status of the business on the internet. Help optimize brand and company image to get maximum reach.


Posting catchy content to meet the desires and needs of the customers. Professional social media marketing marketers know when, where, and how to post content, text, visuals, and videos to notify the requirements of a competitive market.


Posts on social media platforms are the assets of a business; on the one hand, they can be dangerous if they lack engagement. Social media marketing agency Toronto creates engaging posts for betterment.


Advertise the brand with so much care and responsibility as this factor promotes it and takes it to a very high level. Our social media marketing agency advertises services through different techniques.


Our social media marketing agency deals with promotional, informational, and emotional posts to measure the statistics, average time spent, clicks, views, and bounce rate of social media accounts. These categories perform a crucial role in measuring the results of a campaign.


Feedback and reports to analyze reach and engagement based on the statistics. Sharing of demographics to evaluate every single process.

You just can't ignore these.

Of B2B Marketers Use Social Media
Of Total Time Spent On Social Media Platform
Of Marketers Use Social Media For Business

Why choose LetzMarket

We stick to the goals of a company/brand and make sure that the hirer is getting enough from the LetzMarket side. Passionate, creative, and talented marketers are part of the social media marketing Toronto staff. Experience and qualification present and supply what is the need of the hour.

Social Media Marketing Canada

LetzMarket social media marketing Toronto helps connect and increase the longevity and flexibility of products while strengthening bonds and fabrics of mutual understanding with clients. Appear in different search engines such as Google and Bing while updating business according to online business standards. If there is the availability of quality content, excellent management, relevancy of posts and texts, and outstanding presentation of visuals may dominate the social media trend. All these factors that ensure business success can be converted into reality once LetzMarket social media marketing Toronto service is availed.

LetzMarket Social Media Marketing Experts

Hire social media marketing experts to fetch an audience at a significant level, get the social media accounts to flourish at an unstoppable pace, and tell visitors what your brand provides and does for them. Grow brand awareness and promote products at an excellent scale. Diverse techniques and gimmicks of social media marketing experts lead from the very front. Take care of the customer by hiring social media marketing experts and make customers feel worthy.

Social Media

Choose the best package for you

550 /MO
  • 15 posts a month
  • Basic profile management
  • Network activity monitoring
  • Content & Keyword research
  • 1-2 Story posts (Provided by client)
  • Interacting with other accounts. 
750 /MO
  • 25 posts a month
  • Basic profile management
  • Network activity monitoring
  • Content & Keyword research
  • 1-2 Story posts (Provided by client)
  • Interacting with other accounts. 
  • Ad Campaign Management
1055 /MO
  • 30 posts a month
  • Basic profile management
  • Network activity monitoring
  • Content & Keyword research
  • 4-5 Story posts a day (Provided by client or created by our team)
  • Interacting with other accounts. 
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Monthly Analytics
  • Social media growth for Instagram + Facebook.
  • Monthly strategy meetings.
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